Evin Cafe

I like coming here of an early evening as a cure for cabin fever. Those days when I've spent all day in my flat staring into a laptop, and need a 20 minute walk to clear my head, sit outside and watch people. Usually beardy gays catching a film at the Rio to the right, or a beer at Dalston Superstore to the left. I generally give them all an internal eye-roll, even though I would look exactly the same if my genetic make up was more hirsute. The best thing about this place is that no ones seems to mind if you sit loitering for an hour. You don't even need the pretence of a book, you can just zone out absent mindedly. You also get a cocoa covered coffee bean with your coffee. Which is nice. A Turkish ex once showed me to how to read the future here by staring into the bitter sludge of a finished coffee, once it has dried and set in the bottom of an upturned cup. I can't bring myself to try it again on my own, mostly because of the mess rather than the sentimentality.

A regular black coffee is £1.30

Evin Cafe, 115 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB