Pueblito Piasa Cafe

You might have noticed I've not updated this for a month, the simple reason is I'm broke. Going for coffee in some pretentious cafe and forking out several quid soon adds up when you're on a low income, and so it's moved into the realm of a luxury treat. My new ethos is that I won't be spending more than I would for a bag of ground coffee (£1.69). I've been fascinated by this place just outside Seven Sisters tube, as it's always filled with people, and has the appearance of the outdoor section of B&Q retooled by a drunk Frank Gehry. Inside it spills into an indoor market, those strange anomolies like The Merrion Centre in Leeds, or the little warren behind Wood Green Central library. It never ceases to amaze me that these places still exist, where signs are hand painted and you can still haggle. The cafe itself is cheerfully noisy, latino music is comfortably loud and all the staff smile at you and say hi. The horror! I don't know if it's because of my recent re-watching of Ugly Betty, but the combination of my own ignorance and the show's dubious stereotyping brings the Suarez residence to mind. There is a massive selection of deep fried sugary cakes and savouries on offer, as promised by the half completed sign outside saying "South American Bakery &". The coffee is pretty good, it has that bitter taste and sediment of Turkish coffee, but was made with the Italian style big coffee machines. There are quite a few online articles about the potential closure of the whole market, which appears to have been under threat for years. It would be an obvious shame, namely because of the rare sense of community you can feel, regardless of wether you can speak Spanish or not. Even in the short space of time I sat in the outdoor area, I got asked for directions twice.

An Americano costs £1

Pueblito Paisa Cafe, Seven Sisters Market, 231 High Road, N15 5BT