49 Cafe

Firstly, you need to find about ten remixes of this song to get the full 49 Cafe experience while reading this review. The entire time I was there, I heard varying degrees of banging remixes of Mama Maria (a Voyage Voyage classic no less). Turn it up, it’s quite something to hear on loop at nine in the morning. The melancholic semi-tone glissandos in the verses are sublime. The chorus is like being hit in the face with a hammer - it’s everything that’s great about europop. ANYWAY. I was magically drawn here stumbling around Bloomsbury, lured in by a community garden next to the Brunswick centre (under which the literary soul of the area is buried). By a fluke of timing I manage to get the seat near a fan, which becomes a point of conversation for the regulars. The menu is simple but even though it's razzed up cafe fair, it all looks good. And the coffee is really good. Like, proper good. Unfortunately they're anti laptop lizards. Once I'd finished my coffee and eaten a bap they asked if I wanted anything else - I was good for now - then turned the wifi off. RUDE. Don't expect to get any work done here.

An Americano is £2.20 to have in with free (20 minutes maximum) wifi. That's four or five plays of an extended remix of Mama Maria.

49 Cafe, 49 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AP