Babble Jar

I’ve finally caved in and joined the faces across the road from Cake Show. Why? Because I’ve sold my soul to Google and got myself a little laptop and need the free wifi. Now all my email, youtubing, blogging, mobile internet usage, everything is all connected and I’ve waivered all rights to complain. Although it’s massively creepy, I find a strange comfort in it. Presumably at some point in the future it will all be obsolete and all disappear (or remain frozen) in whatever format Google see fit. My virtual presence is neatly sewn up and I can just leave it where it is. I’m thinking about this as I’m planning on leaving Facebook after one last club night I need to promote*. I don’t use it for networking anymore and it is simply a source of anxiety, or worse anger - at either adverts or nauseating egotism (followed by the horrible realisation that it is simply a reflection of my own vanity, cue more shame, anger, anxiety, etc). Anyway, there’s something about the highly stylised faux-authentic branding of Babble Jar that seems to pander to the Facebook dream. The exposed brick walls, weathered wooden furniture and their use of an absurdly immaculate wonkied typewriter font. There are four white males in their early thirties, including myself and I’m the only one not using a MacBook. In the space of ten minutes I’ve already heard two people make petty complains to the hard working and miraculously friendly staff. The coffee is fine.

A black coffee is (doesn’t say on the price list, will find out after writing this blog).

176 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 7JL

*Voyage Voyage are doing the guest room at Guilty Pleasures 27 July.