My greatest cafe discovery of late is the hidden Shisha gardens of Green Lanes. Shamata has a brand new feel, even though they tell me it's been open for three months. It has a tiny, shady little garden with four tables which are blissfully unoccupied of a sunny daytime, but I imagine they're a popular haunt of an evening. The walls are decorated with fake brick painting and simple portraits of Istanbul tourist spots. Turkish music is pumped out, and with the current hot weather you can almost forget you're in London. Almost. It feels a bit like being a guest in a family's house, as the - presumably - owners sit in a side room chatting away to - presumably - their family members. I can't remember the last time I had a Shisha pipe, and I'm not remotely tempted to try them anytime soon, but there is something romantic about working away in these secluded gardens (though the tokenistic attempts at fauna are in dire need of water, it's more about the cushions). The coffee? Well you get what you pay for.

An Americano is £1.

Shamata, 445 Green Lanes, N4 1HA