This place is absolutely heaving at midday, hence the stock being stored downstairs where I sit with my laptop (which has taken an irrational dislike to all wifi providers in Bloomsbury) as I attempt to file copy on the hoof for yet another deadline. I'm a busy girl, but there's nothing like a long list of unfinished articles to make my fingers wander and start typing up the odd blog. It's a bit like pissing really, sometimes you just need to start letting a bit out before the whole stream can run its course. The decor of Tutti's is pastel inoffensive, something vaguely Mediterranean but drained of anything too gaudy or camp. All it needs to become really cute is a job-lot on plastic fruit to hang across all the ceilings and maybe some of those red tomatoes to keep ketchup in. I'm thinking a Carmen Miranda style make over, though on reflection I think I've just read too much into the name. The coffee they serve is as exciting as their interior design. Beside me Ladies Who Lunch discuss their distinctly middle class problems, while impatient office workers file in and out grabbing Tutti’s popular tupperware pastas and salads or something from their cocktail list of smoothies.

An Americano is £2.

Tutti’s, 68 Lamb's Conduit Street, Holborn, WC1N 3LW