Bea's of Bloomsburys

This place is so painfully arts-n-craftsy, you expect to have an interrogation interview before you can even enter, by someone who has perfected the Kirstie Allsopp arched eyebrow. Once you get inside you can see it's a simple, bustling, bourgeois, all-frills cafe. It's twee squared. And they have a fucktonne of cakes. Look at the picture I took - and notice how the old lady's wrist has gone limp with indecision. That's because she is being spoilt with choice. I went for the Peanut Butter and Jelly Slice, which sounds gross but tastes amazing. It's clearly incredibly sweet, so good for sharing. Since no one asked, I'd like the Peanutbutter Cheesecake for my birthday. Just a slice will do.

Let's face it, you're not getting much change from a tenner if you want two coffees and a bit of cake.

Bea's, 83 Watling St, Blooms-obviously-bury, EC4M 9BX