Joyful Cafe

The first thing I notice sitting in this cafe, is that there are no women. There are no women in the cafe next door either, and the spaces under this railway arch are unofficially men only - it doesn't explicitly say so, but these cafes feel like members clubs. I've absent mindedly just barged in, but no one seems to care. Though they offer me a take away coffee, it's neither hostile nor welcoming, and I sit outside anyway. The four guys next to me are speaking what I think is Arabic, but I'm only guessing from a few guttural pronunciations and hearing the word "Habibi". They all know eachother and one new guy arrives and hi-fives everyone sat outside, except me obviously. According to the branding on the window stickers and cups, they serve Miscela D'Oro, which thanks to, I now know is Italian. I'm not kidding, it's the best coffee I've had this year. It's just the right side of bitter without being undrinkable, but super strong like it flavours your tongue and just sits in your mouth for a bit even though you've swallowed. It astounds me that the Starbucks in Brixton is so popular, when you can get really amazing, real coffee so close by. Since it's raining and I'm waiting for a friend, I get my book out. I go through phases of reading, I can go months without reading anything and then I hit a wet patch and devour a few books a week. I'm pretty sure my reading speed has gone up with age, but have no way of verifying this. Now, back to actually writing...

An Americano costs just £1.50.

Joyful Cafe, 6 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PD.