If you are ever in the unlikey event of looking for somewhere peaceful to take breakfast in Camden around 10am, give Pratt Road a miss - an obvious detour from the High Street, but strangely every cafe is packed full of builders. Obviously this is their prime lunch/breakfast/brunch time. Obviously. Instead take a wander down another off shot, Plender Street, you will find it blissfully empty. Here you can find the portuguese wonders of Lisboa - they import all kinds of things, mostly food but also tacky tourist gifts, compilation cds and original language novels by José Saramago (everytime I get an eye infection I think about Blindness, amazing book). Regulars perch on the tiny ledges in the window or sip coffee standing at the bar. The cheerful plastic furniture outside is charming, and the young, one would assume part of the family, staff member is inappropriately quite hot. You would expect that this place would transport you to the steep hills of Lisbon, but any chance of that happening on my visit is ruined by a) rain and b) a large miserable cockney market trader moaning outside.

For £2.30 you can get a large black coffee and a 'holy' (I may have misheard him) almond and chocolate cake. Though it tasted of ginger.

Lisboa, 4 Plender Street, Camden, NW1 0JP