McDonald's Banana Milkshake

I know the inherent evil nature of McDonalds. I've known it from a very early age, before I was aware of capitalism and globalisation and other verbose concepts. I knew because my mother wouldn't let me eat there. It was considered a treat to attend someone's birthday party there, but there was always one other exception. The milkshakes. The reasoning was that it was 'the same as ice-cream' so in hot weather, or after a particularly arduous shopping trip (several hours in BHS or C&A trying on school uniform, something traumatic like that) it became justifiable. Part of my love of McDonald's banana milkshakes is purely because of their addictive saccharine sweetness, as the taste is exactly the same as the foam banana sweets (which are often found swimming in a sea of similarly synthetic flavoured Foam Shrimp - what an odd combination). But really I think I still love them because of the illicit subconscious thrill of doing something forbidden.