The only way to find this place is to get lost in Covent Garden, especially as it's currently hiding under some scaffolding. It's almost as if they read my previous rant about making bad Iced Coffee, as the ones they serve here are amazing. Dusted with bitter cocoa, tasting of actual coffee (what with the actual coffee they put in them) and with a texture that's like they've been made using a Mr Frosty, they are pretty close to perfection. My mind is playing tricks on me now, as I seem to remember having one as a kid, but it was a penguin. But maybe I dreamt about having one, or only wanted one. Either way, it's a fine, icy, difficult to achieve texture and has me thinking about the aforementioned kids toy. The decor - I do tend to bang on about decor don't I? I'm no interior designer, you've probably guessed by now - is weirdly pitched somewhere between posh coffee snob hang out and bohemian hippy commune, and only succeeds because it fails at both. It could very easily be annoying, but there's something really tranquil about the place, the grubbiness feels genuine, the accidentally-on-purpose design elements aren't too laboured and the clientele have a strange silent respect for eachothers' privacy. It's almost like everyone is complicit in saying 'I won't tell anyone about this place if you don't'.

A handmade iced coffee is £3

Salt,34 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5AA