Sweet Bird of Youth @ The Old Vic

I actually love the discrepancy between the show poster and stage production. All over London I've been stalked by a blonde, fresh-faced Samantha Jones, lustily pouncing upon a hot young thing. Yet the opening scenes show a washed-up, ginger raggedy wigged Princess barely able to get out of bed. It's classic Tennessee Williams and as such, as a dramatic homosexual with melancholic inclinations, I immediately throw myself in to the high heels of Alexandra Del Lago. "When monster meets monster, one monster has to give way" is how I've mythologised every relationship I've ever had. It's a great play to see without reading it first. The production's biggest success is the way it has your sympathies ping ponging between the central relationship of Alexandra and Chance, and how you have to struggle desperately to work out who has the upper hand. Ultimately, the greatest monster wins out.

Sweet Bird of Youth runs until 31 August at The Old Vic.