Notes on the soon-to-be-released new Ke$ha single #TIMBER

In a mere few days, a new Ke$ha single will be unleashed on the world. Technically it's a Pitbull single featuring Ke$ha but for all intents and purposes, this will function as a new Ke$ha single. It could be the making or breaking of Ke$ha, reintroducing her into the public consciousness after an ill-fated second album campaign, or it could destine her to chart obscurity (and exciting future collaborations, who knows). A massive radio boost and presence would pave the way for a fourth and final single (Supernatural?) then renewed interest in a blockbusting third Dr Luke album, the Flaming Lips project an artsy aside.

Everyone* has made a big deal of the fact that K + P have worked together three times. Really, he's just shouted over two previous Ke$ha tracks, and she's sung on one of his - Girls - which REALLY doesn't bode well for the collab. What does though is Pitbull's last single, the divisive Feel This Moment ft Xtina (she will always be the dirrrty Xtina in my mind, especially in these Miley Bashing days - such an old boring conversation). When I first heard that track, I thought it was a musical aborrition - but, repeated listening from working late night in a gay bar - the song revealed its true potential. Much like the Stroke Of Genie-us bootleg, it transcended the sample and became a singable song on its own right. I can see the flaws in that parrallel, but basically if you listen to it very loudly in a club every night, it stands the test of time. Songs like Starships fail on this test, as they're immediately likeable and can only go down in your estimation.

So this brings us to what the new Ke$ha single will be like. It needs a massive fuck off synth riff - bastardised sample or not - to drag it along with the inevitable YOLO! party-like-its-your-last-night-alive lyrical content. Pitbull has already been tweet-leaking these sentiments. "You better move, you better dance" indicate that this will be nothing short of a balls out Pitbull stomper. Ke$ha's filthy raps will either be perfectly suited or perfectly embarrassing. Let's hope they don't try and create any vocal sexual chemistry - there in disaster lies. We know Pitbull is a sleazeball, and hopefully Ke$ha will stay on message as a rational, sexual, liberated independent woman.

That said, there's going to be a terrible pun on getting wood and erections isn't there?

*i.e. every cut'n'paste blog entry spun out of that tweet from Pitbull