Ke$ha's going down, she's shouting Timber (the video is finally out)

Oh Ke$ha.

You know how I love her, but even I've struggled to pull some worth out of this Pitbull collaboration. The best bit of the video by far; Ke$ha working in a bar and slinging a drink into a Hell's Angel's face. And then pulling the above 'yeah, and?' face. It puts Ke$ha into something of a subversive role, given the demoralising uniformity of every other woman in the video.

Infact, it's Ke$ha's snarling, tit-squeezing, nail dragging, lip curling and flouncing bad dancing that saves face in this whole mess. It's a really odd video with a half arsed narrative that probably got cropped out in the editing process. It looks like the pair couldn't even meet up for the shoot, given that the whole thing appears to be shot on two separate continents. It's not like they've spent any time together touring, recording or performing together....

However this works in her favour; she is the lone - if overly sexualised - oddball, juxtaposed with Pitbull's sickening heteronormative displays of wealth and public affection. I still can't get over the terrible "she's says she won't but I bet she will" lyric, rendering the song un-djable. Infact the only saving grace is that they edited Ke$ha's pissed off yeah-right face immediately after the line

The final consolation is that the photos Ke$ha has put on her instagram, featuring beardy drag queens, excessive glitter, tinsel curtains, raunchy underwear, handmade 'hi fashion' t-shirt and confetti cannons - were not featured in the Timber video. Which means somewhere in the pipelines exists a very, very exciting video (Supernatural?). Hopefully one that doesn't feature Pitbull.