Ke$ha's new Dirty Love video is not a strip show, it’s a wank fantasy.

Happy new year! And it’s arrived with a much anticipated gift, a redemptive new video from Ke$ha.

Ignoring the obvious observations (yes it’s cheap, in every brilliant sense) Ke$ha’s directorial debut is funny. To begin with she presents her ass with dead eyes, like she’s farting. She starts smiling when she’s singing this playful/filthy song she wrote with her mother and doing the Can-can with her backing dancers, much like shes does at the end of her live shows. She’s not ripping her clothes off for the viewer - turns out the audience is her two dancers - rather, she tears at her clothes aggressively, gritting her teeth like an animal bracing itself for flight or flight. She briefly does coquettish girly giggling and fans her fingers over her face (all moves pulled in previous videos) then looks confused in a ‘what the fuck am I doing?’ face.

Several times she does a pointed rub towards the groin, making the song less about wanting a guy to fuck and more of an homage to self pleasure. She’s searching for an organic dildo, a living breathing human reduced to a useful and disposable phalous. If that sounds exploitative then ay-fucking-men - it’s exactly the double standard women are subjected to and represent all the time. This isn’t a strip show, it’s a wank fantasy. An undeniably Ke$ha-esque one at that.

The video builds to the inevitable climax, and messy collision of Ke$ha motifs. Namely; dancing, beer and glitter. A fucktonne of glitter. The post-coital pose is Ke$ha draped in the red chintzy curtains, almost drowning in glitter and spitting it out of her mouth. Glitter is a substitute for bodily fluid and life creating liquid in it’s own right (getting carried away here, I know - you can read a lot into it, as a consistent signifier of all things Ke$ha is all I’m saying. And it’s sexualised.)

It’s quite a turning point for Ke$ha in many ways and could signal a few dramatic changes further down the line; namely the rejection of Dr Luke and continuation of her own glitter fuelled version of cock rock. In her tweets after posting the video (on 1 January 2014) she tweeted “cheers to this year being the best year ever. 2014 gon be the year of truth and freedom.”. With the hushed dampening of the Flaming Lips collaboration Lip$ha project, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that freedom means an end to Ke$ha’s work with Dr Luke. And if that means more fun filth like this, then it’s going to be a good year for Ke$ha - at the very least a she’ll finally get her own rocks off.


1.) Dirty Love sounds better without Iggy Pop.

2.) You could make something of the blown up cupcake (especially in the absence of illuminati imagery).

3.) Totally making my own HIgH fA$HioN t-shirt.

4.) It was shot on my 31st birthday, when I held a Ke$ha party including a handmade poster featuring the line “Champagne tastes like piss to me”.