Let's Wrestle / Evans The Death / Mega Emotion : Live!

First up, Mega Emotion. Thoroughly schooled in the charms of twee awkwardness, they took Bambi like steps and a few wobbly songs before they hit their stride, but the charm - and some ace songs - won out in the end. They're a very curious mix musically, on the one hand passing on the musical baton from bedroom pop pioneers Bis and the other being weirdly clubby. Several of their songs would not be out of place on a Kitsune Maison compilation. One of their members bares a striking resemblance to Amy Poehler, and at one point is armed with a guitar while simultaneously commanding a Korg, singing a topline and bashing a cowbell. And ultimately under their multi-tiered sounds of harmonised vocals, electro synths, split up drum kit and indie guitars there lies some rock solid pop songs waiting to be recorded. Very exciting stuff.

Much less exciting were Evans The Death; infact their lead singer offered the only sliver of intrigue, her vocals starting out an immaculate Debbie Harry imitation, before veering into Long Blondes-esque stratospheres, and strangest of all a Sophie Ellis Bextor hue (think her latest album and Theaudience rather than her dancefloor robotics). Vocalist aside, the band seemed bored to be there. Unlike the Blondie claims to the latter, Evans The Death is not a group.

Finally Let's Wrestle (pictured). What a bizarre and compelling combination; a lead singer that sings like Liam Gallagher and yet quips and talks like Uncle Monty from Withnail and I. Precision drumming and autistically attentive bass playing complete the trio as they play with breakneck speed, dragging along the slovenly shouted vocals, rarely in tune but never unlistenable. With the zeal of early Supergrass, they're a boarding school Libertines, and somewhere there's also a hint of T-rex thrown into the mix. Yet the brown nylon attire and whiskey swigging bravado make Let's Wrestle their own unique brand of unglam rock.

The Lexington, 7 January. Part of the Fortuna Pop Winter Sprinter.