Milky Chance / Claire / Leon Else : Live!

We got there in time to catch the last few songs of Leon Else, and although he wasn't endearing to my musical palate, he's clearly being groomed for big things. His band and sound were tight and barely fit into the relatively small surroundings of Hoxton Bar ('And Kitchen'). The room was full of baited breath and when Leon fiddledee-diddledee-d around in the falsetto stratosphere, people yelped like seals/a well trained X Factor audience. He has the fans, he has a song that sounds like a dual Tom Jones and Prince impersonator singing Blurred Lines, and he talks in a disarming blokely Essex manner. He is 'the whole package' (apart from the fact, as my friend Jack pointed out, that he doesn't dress like a popstar) and whether I like it or not, will probably be seeing and hearing a lot more about Leon Else.

Claire (pictured) - face the Blondie dilema - are a band, and function as one. Like a whole bunch of electro bands rolled into one, they play with pounding bassy synth lines, that prop up a floaty vocal coming from the lead singer. Who may, or may not, be called Claire. It was bugging me all the way through who she sounded a little bit like, and towards the end I realised it was Ellie Goulding. Which is great for fans of Ellie Goulding and great the for the band, as she has finally conquered the charts and paved the way for 'those' kinds of voices. It works live, between the lead singer's gauche outbursts about playing in London for the first time, but there will always be detractors pointing out that there are people who've done it first and better. One such moment came in their song Overdrive, which lovely as it undoubtedly is, just made me want to hear Roisin Murphy doing Overpowered. Or even better, Movie Star.

Finally, once they got over their technical issues (which involved unintentionally playing the bassline to Paris Hilton's Stars Are Blind over and over) Milky Chance were chilled fun. The crowd were attentive to all their drops, going mental in all the right places. Basically, with their husky voiced singer, endless guitar riffs and simple drum arrangements, all their songs sounded like this: