Sky Ferreira plays 5 songs in London's newest worst gig venue

Well, it was the basement of a hotel, so more akin to a live club PA than a gig. A gigantic queue of beanie hats and peroxide snaked around a ridonkulous posh hotel (where Sky was staying the night) and after getting their early, being told to come back, coming back still early and waiting 40 minutes I was just throwing in the text-towel and heading to the tube when I bumped into Sky's lovely* PR - who subsequently scuttled me past a very flustered and distressed door lady, all fake furs and flapping ipad.

After milling around the small, expensive and dark 'Basement' @ Editions HOTEL, spotting various familiar faces, a terrible warm up DJ started played loud, vision-blurring EDM, with some mobile wedding disco style "banter". Superfluous, as the crowd were already giddy on relief having got inside. Sky Ferreira opened with an immaculate version of Boys, barely visible on a very low stage and a crowd living/capturing the moment on their phones. For her second song she decided to wear sunglasses (pictured) and started a song twice and eventually gave up due to bad sound. She also played Heavy Metal Heart, Love in Stereo and ended on crowd pleasing Everything is Embarrassing. That was about it. There are no doubts that Sky can sing - even at her growliest she can hold a melodic line and I found myself trying to coin the phrase "Hole-lite". The only thing missing is some kind of stage presence, a bit more arresting than wearing sunnies in an already barely lit venue. After 10pm.

* - I'm not just saying that because he got me in, he is genuinely lovely and has an exciting knowledge of obscure Britpop bands. And we saw the Magnetic Fields together.