Dominika's Top Polish Pop Songs

If you followed the BBC Three show Hair, you will not have missed Polish hairdresser Dominika, or her incredible weekly hair creations. I've already put my love online in her Gay Times interview, which I'm sure you've read. Anyway, I DJ at the global pop night Voyage Voyage, and though I have the odd track in Polish, my knowledge of their music is scant. Of course I ask my favourite Pole, and Dominika blows me away with a selection of YouTube videos and some little translations. "I tried to translate what they are about but it sounds so random! I don't think Polish translates well..." Here's her pick of the Polish Pop.

"My Slowianie!" Poland's Eurovision contestant. There is also an English version which Dominika thinks is shit

Kayah - Supermenka 
"If I was a man I'd be superman! I know it all about women!"

Kasia Klich - Lepszy model 
"You broke down again ! I'll swap you for new model!"

Reni Jusis - Zakrecona 
"crazy /party girl!"

Brathanki polish folk 
"love me! any time ?! in bus! in cinema! in jumper!"

Czarno Czarni - Nogi! 
"I want to watch your  legs. keep wearing mini !"

Piersi - Caluj mnie 
"kiss me! its such a beautiful game"

Dziekuje Dominika! (I can't find the e accents). You can follow her on twitter and the next Voyage Voyage will be the guest room at Guilty Pleasures on 28 April, that upstairs bit in Koko.