Basement Jaxx launch Junto the old fashioned way

Ah, an album launch party. There was a time in my life when I was going to really massive lavish parties several times a week, living off canapes and having a barely ironic obsession with Zoe Griffin. Halcyon nights those, and with the launch of Basement Jaxx's new album Junto, I got to relive them a little. Running late I missed the live sets (I can only assume the microphones were for that purpose, although there was a numerologist - maybe they had bingo too) but the party was a classic big old booze up, with a free bar, balloons personalised with the album logo, a big statue of said logo [pictured] and a venue that has consciously been kitted out to the theme with video projections and solar lights that look dangerously like ashtrays. The band were there having a ball, and possibly every singer who has ever worked on a Basement Jaxx record was there. It was fantastic eavesdropping, grabbing snatches of conversations about record deals, who was and wasn't at the party, what DJ was doing what soul funk reggae residency and have you been to that new pop-up gourmet hot-dog restaurant? Divine! And for the record, Junto is a great album but you can read some of my thoughts on that here.