The Last Month (or so) in One Blog.

I went on a day trip to Margate to enter a sandcastle competition. Didn't win, but did formulate plans to take it as seriously as everyone else next year.

I went to see My Night With Reg, which was "Funny, powerful and bleak" - Gay Times ****.

I did my first ever podcast, interviewing Jetta and standing in for Dylan on the Dylan & Jack podcast.

Talking of Jack, we went to Latitude as part of the Johnny Woo TRANSformer entourage. I had a ball, my phone died of wet, my body was ravished by midges and it was the first music festival I went to without making a timetable. Like a fantastically glamourous camping holiday, with a side of Lily Allen.

I went to London Fields Lido for the first time. S'alright, bit small, bit nippy. Could do with some nicer places to sit around and chat.

DJ'd quite a bit at my pop-up global pop night VOYAGE VOYAGE, at Koko and Dalston Superstore. Who knows where that will land next.

Went to Summer Rites Out On The Dock event, which was a surreal afternoon that felt like Vauxhall had been moved to a shopping centre, saved by some of London's best trash cabaret.

I saw Jane Badler. I saw Bianca Del Rio. I saw Neon Jungle. I saw Charles Aznavour. I saw Lindsey Stirling. I saw Kiesza. I saw Mumbai Science DJ in the mixmag offices on a friday afternoon and drank quite a lot.

I saw hot fresh n young Italian electro trio M+A play at the Bedroom Bar in Shoreditch.

I spoke to Neil from Clean Bandit on the phone, just before they flew out to shoot their Come Over video. That's in the new issue of GT.

I meant to go and see We Were Evergreen at Soho House, but ended up getting a last minute writing gig. We did however all go for breakfast the week before, and they were as lovely as their debut album.

I had a funny phone chat with a disco diva (adding to my Christian Disco list of Donna Summer and Gloria Gaynor), I'll add the html link in here when that goes live.

I finished all the AM Homes, and have found a suitable replacement in Barbara Kingsolver. Loved the long slow read of The Lacuna, and getting stuck into Flight Behaviour which has started as well as any Homes.

I went to a lot of dinner parties, and held a few. It's the new going out.

I got sucked into watching The 100, which no amount of bad acting and corny one liners can stop me being compelled to watch.

I met Nicole Scherzinger in a hotel room. For an interview.

I did go out a bit. Sink The Pink's Summer Ball was kinda fun, though there was a lot of staggering around on the Troxy carpet.

I deleted my Facebook - not in a self-righteous shunning of social media (my twitter and instagram will get all the surplus attention) - but just because it because a source of anxiety, I was getting angry at myself for wasting time on there and with the other two I can take them or leave them. Besides, you can't ACTUALLY delete your Facebook.