The Saturdays only London date for their Greatest Hits Live Tour

Otherwise known as their Farewell Tour... Before the gig I said “The Saturdays - they’re one of those groups that you’re surprised by how many of their songs you know”. Well, by the end of the show I was surprised by how many of their songs I didn’t know. They opened with about 5 banging electropop songs of the variety I love, and even spunked a couple of their hits into a medley. It’s not that I’ve forgotten how many hits they have - I just didn’t know them. My personal favourite was Ego, though in my post-gig-morning-after state I’ve had their singles VEVO channel on, and started to fall for all of them. Notorious was great too, though it was weird watching the two six-year-old girls infront of us singing along with conviction “I’m an outlaw, I’m the big boss, I’m the gangster…”
I spent quite a long time studying the backing dancers (not just the beardy one Jonny), particularly their outfits. I’m not saying they’re especially cheap but one of them was a Puma vest with tasseling sewn on, and rather than sequins they used that foil-y circles fabric that fancy dress hire costumes are made of. It went see-through when the dancers opened their legs and were backlit. ANYWAY, two things - 1.) Aaron Renfree, don’t think I didn’t see you. 2.) Next time I go to Vogue Fabrics, I’m wearing a jacket with the armpits cut out. Overall the staging was satisfactory, but distinctly lacking in the wow factor that you need from a stadium show. It doesn’t necessarily have to be big and flashy, it can just be clever. When they played All Fired Up, they had some fire... But they ended on some confetti canons, which I’ve said before and will say forever more, you simply cannot go wrong with.